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How to Hit a Solid Chip Shot

This month's tip comes from our Course PGA Professional Rodney King

There are a few simple keys to remember when hitting chip shots.  Ball Placement has a very big impact in hitting successful chip shots, the key being comfort and consistency.  The ball should be back in your stance, somewhere around your back foot.  As every player will vary slightly, you will need to find a location with which you are comfortable, and consistent.  Your weight should be shifted toward the target; some players actually prefer to point their knees at the target to acheive this.  You then want to get your hands and club in the proper position which is setting your hands ahead of your clubface.  In order to accomplish this, you will set the club behind the ball, which is located back in your stance, and set your hands to at least the middle of your stance.  You're ready to hit your chip shot solid now, just move the club back smoothly without breaking your wrists using a slight shoulder turn and through smoothly, keeping your hands ahead of the ball.  Check back next month for another great tip!!

Addressing The Golf Ball

This month's Tip comes from our PGA Professional Rodney King

Three things you need to work on when setting up to the Golf Ball:

1)  Ball position in your stance.

2)  Where are your hands in relationship to the Golf Ball.

3)  Are you setting up to Close or to Far from the Golf Ball.

Work and practice theses three things and you will start making great contact with the Golf Ball.